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Numbers of Door Controller 4 Door
Card Capacity 30,000 
Fingerprint Capacity 3000
Flash Memory 128MB


Number of Door Controller 4 Door
RAM 32MB, Flash Memory : 128MB
Fingerprint Capacity 3000
Card Capacity 30,000
Event buffer 1,00,000
Number of inputs  12 (4 Exit device, 4 door status, 4 Aux input)
Number of Outputs  8 (4-form C Relay for Lock and 4-Form C Relay for Aux Outputs)
Power / Current 12V +5A for Controller, Rated Max 1A
Wiegand Reader Port 4ea (26/34 bit Wiegand,
  4/8bit for PIN RS485)
Reader Port 1no. extended RS485 Port
Communication RS485 , TCP/IP
Baud Rate 38,400bps (recommended) / 9600bps, 
  19,200 bps , 57,600 bps (selectable)
Supports F12 (RS 485) Fingerprint Reader
- 256 time Zones, 256 access levels
- Anti-passback function
- It can be installed easily on your network also 
  support TCP/IP and RS485 communication
- 1/2/4 Door models can be mixed and matched in
  an optimised System Architecture
- Data is preserved if power is lost, Controller
  continues to operate if data connection is interrupted
- Interlock function , Linkage function
- Multi-Card opening function,
  Remote door opening & closing
- Real-Time monitoring via web browser
- Video server integration
- 4 auxiliary input may be connected to infrared body
  detectors,fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.
- 4 auxiliary output may be connected to alarms,cameras,
  door bells etc.
- Supports : eSSL 5000 / 7500 for fingerprint registration
  Software and Database Supported :
- Access Security System 3.5 (Desktop Version)
  Database Type:- MS Access / MS SQL

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