Category: Smart Locks

Modern problems require modern solutions. Smart door locks like TL400B are designed to give you a hands-free experience where losing keys is no more a problem. It’s time we say bye bye to keys and make our locks smart just like our phones. You can now secure your doors with eSSL’s unique range of Smart Lock Systems and forget keys without guilt.

TL400B - Smart Phone, Smart Lock. Your smart phone is now your key.
Specifications Material Zinc Alloy
  Fingerprint Capacity 100
  Password Capacity  100
  Card Capacity 100
  Card Module ID
  Wireless Module  BLE4.0
  Power Supply 4 x AA Alkaline Battery (NOT supplied)
  Door Thickness  35 to 50 mm (standard) 50 to 65 mm (optional)
  Dimensions (in mm) Front: 72 X 310 X 34 td>
    Back: 72 X 310 X 30 td>
  Various access for your convenience - fingerprint/ password/card/ key/ smart phone
  European standard mortise - the door locks close by itself
  Enhanced security by randam password for code access
  Idle handle design to prevent forcible entry
  Voice guide for easier and convenient use
  Adjustable voice volume
  Smart alarm for low battery and illegal operation
  Normal open mode
  External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery